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large hydraulic support system in factory

Our capabilities include:

  • Machine new hydraulic cylinder parts including rods, glands, pistons, eyes, ports, blind ends, and retainers for mobile equipment and steel mill type cylinders.

  • Machine valve and manifold blocks.

  • Weld & bore tube and rod eyes.

  • Design, build and repairs to all hydraulic and pneumatic parts

  • “Reseal only” options.

  • Free tear-down, inspection and quoting of your component repairs is standard.

  • Aftermarket parts available.


Cylinder Reseal Service


Resealing a cylinder before a major failure is a preferred routine maintenance process. Potential failure indicators such as seal leaks and control drift should not be ignored. Leaks are sources of air leakage, contaminants, and loss of fluid. Control drifting is another indicator of seal issues and a needs addressing before complete hydraulic system failure.

Pumps and Motors

US & International

hydraulic system & controls
  • Borg Warner

  • Cessna

  • Commercial

  • Dynapower

  • Hagglund

  • Continental

  • Denison

  • Dynex

  • Eaton

  • Gresen

  • Heil

  • H.P.M.

  • Hydreco

  • Oilgear

  • Parker Hannifin

  • Racine

  • Rexroth

  • Sundstrand

  • Tyrone

  • Vickers

  • Webster

  • Kawasaki

  • Staffa



Cylinder Abnormalities


If cylinder deformities are found,  our expert technicians will develop a repair plan to repair as economicaly as possible. The majority of the time we can repair a component for a fraction of the cost of new, but will let you know if a new one is more economical. We can also repair or manufacture virtually any cylinder component from scratch including rods, pistons and tubes that will meet or exceed OEM specifications.


Our capabilities include:

  • Precision machining.

  • Extensive welding, honing, testing.

  • Steel tubing, ductile iron bar and bronze.

  • Complete cylinder manufacturing.


Hydraulic Gear Pump

hydraulic gear pump

When your hydraulic pump fails, rebuilding is an economical option, minimize expense and to restore your hydraulic system to new condition.



  • Disassemble and inspect pump.

  • Evaluation of cost to repair.

  • Evaluate repair vs. new replacement cost.

  • Reseal/repair or replace.

  • Test the repaired pump/motor.


Repair Indicators:

  • Oil Leak

  • Pump not producing desired pressure.

  • Motor not reaching desired output torque/speed.

Special Application

Valves & Components

  • Hunt valves (steel industry)

  • Descale valves (steel industry)

  • Air Valves (all brands)

  • Vibrators

  • Hammers

  • Air tools

  • Rotary actuators

  • Rotary joints/collectors

  • Rams (all brands)

  • Jacks (all brands)


Complete Reseal Service

o-ring repair kit

We utilize 75 yrs of experience to restore your hydraulic cylinder to OEM specifications. Our technicians use the latest technology, tooling and equipment to ensure a quality repair every time.



  • Every cylinder is hot water washed, to remove all oil, grease and dirt.

  • Technicians disassemble cylinder per documented procedures.

  • All internal & external parts are cleaned.

  • Inspection of all components.

  • Tube, rods, pistons, heads ang glands are measured to assure OEM specifications are met.

  • All components must meet or exceed OEM standards.

  • We lightly hone each cylinder and polish the chrome rod to remove all burrs.

  • Once assembly is complete, the cylinder is tested and painted.


Severe Cylinder Damage


For damaged Cylinders, a light hone will not be sufficient. We offer the following:



  • Heavy boring to remove damaged areas.

  • Custom made seal kits to match finished bore diameter.

  • If the cylinder is non repairable, a new tube can be manufactured to meet or exceed all OEM specifications.


At Lake Tool & Hydraulic we can make changes to existing hydraulic cylinders, repair damaged cylinders or fabricate new cylinders which meet or exceed OEM specifications.


Complete cylinder service by seasoned experts. Call the experts at Lake Tool & Hydraulics today and learn more about how honing can help you!

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