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Specializing in hydraulic and pneumatic design, installation, repair, re-manufacturing and replacement of systems in south Louisiana and east Texas .

One Stop Shop for all things Hydraulic 

Hydraulic system


Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinder Reseal Service

Complete Reseal Service

Hydraulic Gear Pump Rebuild

Hydraulic Cylinder Honing


We rebuild and repair all major brands of motors. Your repaired equipment will meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.

Valves, Rams, Jacks & Air Tools

We repair all types of valves from air to hydraulic. We specialize in repairing specialty type valves and actuators. We also repair any type or brand of air tool. The components are tested utilizing specially built test stands and torque instruments.

bull dozer
escavating equipment


We carry parts for cylinders, pumps, air tools, valves, rams, jacks or motors. We maintain an inventory of parts for pumps (including porta-power), pneumatic and other air tools, valves, jacks, rams and motors. Any parts not on hand are acquired on an overnight basis.



We disassemble, test and evaluate damaged cylinders to identify underlying problems. Repaired with quality replacement parts, each cylinder is welded, honed, plated, machined, tested, painted identified and wrapped to meet your specific requirements. All parts and repairs meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.



Lake Tool & Hydraulic can manufacture the type of cylinder you need - mill-type, servo-activated, welded, telescopic, tie rod, motion compensation, and cylinders for special applications such as high heat, high cycle live and unique alloys.

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